Platinum Credit Card

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Give your credit score a boost.

Not only are 1st National Bank credit cards great for making everyday purchases, paying bills, and ensuring funds are available in the event of an emergency, they are designed to help you build your credit score. With our Platinum Credit Card, you can give your credit score an extra boost right out of the gate. Plus, you’ll enjoy competitively low rates and no annual fee – two more great reasons to start improving your credit.

Our Visa® card is accepted virtually anywhere, making sure you have access to the funds you need, whenever and wherever you need them.

The Platinum Card-at-a-Glance

Great way to build credit

  • Simplicity of a traditional card

Competitively low rates

No annual fee

With a Platinum credit card from 1st National Bank, you won’t have to worry about annual fees

  • For a complete listing of all card benefits, call Cardmember Service at 1-800-558-3424, or go online to after online account access has been set up.

Are you ready to build credit and gain purchasing power?